Star Eyes

眼に星が宿るのは少女漫画だけの表現ではない。この曲は、チャーリー・パーカーが取り上げた影響でスタンダードになったんだな。マイルスも吹いているが、この頃はまだ駆け出し。もともとはヴィンセント・ミネリの 初期の映画 “I Dood It” (1943) で使われた。残念だが見ていない。映画のタイトルは、”I did it” とかけたものだと思う。



Stephane Grappelli and his Quartet:

Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra:

※ Bob Eberly and Kitty Kallen:

Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra:

※ Bob Eberly and Helen O’Connel

Johnny Desmond w/ Glenn Miller’s Millitary Band:


Ginny Simms:


Charlie Parker:

※ Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Walter Bishop, Jr. (p) Teddy Kotick (b) Max Roach (d)


Johnny Mathis:


Art Pepper:


Anita O’Day


Sarah Vaughan:

Barry Harris Trio:


Bud Powell Trio:


Bill Evans:


Star eyes,
That to me is what your eyes are,
Soft as stars in April skies are,
Tell me some day you'll fulfill
Their promise of a thrill.


Star eyes,
Flashing eyes in which my hopes rise,
Let me show you where my heart lies.
Let me prove that it adores
That loveliness of yours.
All my life I've felt
Content to stargaze at the skies.
Now I only want to to melt
The stardust in your eyes.


Star eyes,
When if ever, will my lips know
If it's me for whom those eyes glow?
Makes no diff'rence where you are,
Your eyes still hold my wishing star,
Oh, star eyes, how lovely you are.