Tommy Dorsey 1939

メロディとともにそのコード進行によってもジャズの定番となった “All the Things You Are” のドーシーによる録音は Artie Shaw とともに初期のもののひとつである。




All the Things You Are:

Blue Moon:

Vol Vistu Gaily Star:

To You:

Darn That Dream:

Our Love:

Little Skipper:

March of the Toys:

Oh, You Crazy Moon:

A New Moon and an Old Seranade:

Goodnight My Beautiful:

In the Middle of a Dream:

Are You Having Any Fun?:

I’ve Got My Eyes on You:

The Lamp Is Low:

Deep Night:

Heaven in My Arms:

Indian Summer:

All I Remember Is You:

A Lover Is Blue:

Faithful to You:

I Concentrate on You:


This Is It:

Stomp It Off:

Tin Roof Blues:

How Am I to Know: